About Us

Hi there! I'm Natalie.

Boho Vibez is a brand committed to bringing ethically made home decor and accessories to your home. Create your own boho vibe!

Our passion for the boho style started when decorating our own home. We were looking for rattan furniture and found it very difficult to find qualitative items. We started sourcing around the world to find the best quality out there.

That's when the idea to start our online boutique came into life. We wanted to share our findings with people like us, obsessed with rattan and the boho style.

We buy directly, and indirectly through wholesalers, from artisans around the globe. All our articles are ethically sourced and provide a fair revenue for the artisans. We currently offer high quality products from artisans from India, Indonesia, Morocco, and Turkey.

We hope that you will love as much as we do the beautiful items made by our artisans from around the globe. We strive for excellent customer service and speedy order turnarounds. If you have any questions or have any issues with your order, feel free to reach out! - Natalie